The End of the Road…And…Then…

We didn’t win. And that’s a bummer. But we worked hard, stayed off the low road (even when the trolls hurled flaming poo sandwiches at us), and ran a campaign of ideas. So the election is over, and we might be stuck with the same useless rep in District 6, but things are looking up nationally. I’m proud to have been on the same Democratic ballot as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and I will be proud to call them President and Vice President. Our future is brighter today.

Thanks for being on this journey, everyone!

I am grateful to everyone who supported my campaign. Many of you spent your time volunteering, or helped boost messages through social media, or talked to your friends, or sent welcome words of encouragement. Change is a team effort, and we can keep working toward the world we envision. Thank you.

As for the future? Well, watch the spaces of the campaign. They might shift a little, into a new project with ambitious, vital, longer-term goals. America needs a fresh movement of humane, empathetic, serious rural citizens. My home turf has been taken over by the right wing trolls, is ignored by most progressive politicians, and has suffered a long history of insult and exploitation. More than anything, that’s what I vow to fight. It doesn’t need to be that way. And I’ve got some plans…

Be good. Do good. We’re still in this together.

1 thought on “The End of the Road…And…Then…”

  1. Thank you Matt. You gave it a good shot. You were a much better candidate, but it seems the people around here just don’t want to hear the truth and will continue to vote against their own best interest. I have been hibernating but hopefully we will run into each other some time in the future. Maybe next year in church! 🙂 Thank you for trying to release us from the clutches of Brad Roae.

    But……I am curious about your plans…….

    Take care and stay safe, Gloria


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